Guys Can't Figure Out How To Throw A Frisbee

The arrival of summer promises afternoons at the beach, day drinking at beach bars, and maybe even a slip 'n slide if you're lucky, or have particularly adventurous friends. Being athletic at the beach has never been particularly appealing to me. Touch football isn't my sport, I don't own a volleyball for the beach, and tossing a frisbee doesn't sound as good as sprawling immobile on the sand. In my defense, though, when I choose to play frisbee, I at least know how to throw it. And after watching this video, in which a guy fails while throwing a frisbee, I've been given a very false sense of athletic superiority. Some people really ought to just stick to day drinking and beach bummin'. There's no shame in it. Not everyone was born to play Varsity Ultimate Frisbee (believe it or not, that exists).

This gentlemen is just one of many summer fails that have happened and will continue to happen this June. So brace yourself. Gather all your courage, and resolve to not get to this level in the glorious summer of 2k15. Watch the full video of the Frisbee fail. And remember, throwing a frisbee is all in the wrist. Just a quick flick. Wingardium leviosa—except that you're flicking your wrist horizontally, rather than vertically.

Here's the Frisbee fail:

Here are 19 other types of summer fails that you need to avoid at all costs this season. You can be better than this! I have faith in you.

1. Ultimate sunburn fails

2015: The year of sunscreen. The year you don't end up like this vlogger. The year you trade in your SPF 5 for SPF Forever.

2. Slip 'n slide fails

There's a reason there are slip 'n slide compilation videos galore. It's because slip 'n slides are DANGEROUS.

3. Frisbee fails (at a whole new level of concerning)

In case the first video wasn't enough of a warning and you DO turn pro, here's what's in store for you.

4. High dive fails

You don't need the high dive. Do not succumb to peer pressure. The 3 foot diving board looks much more inviting.

5. Hiking/adventuring near a cliff fails

This adorable Utah family needs to STEER CLEAR OF CLIFFS. Hiking is a wonderful summer pastime, but please, watch where you step.

6. Pool jumping fails

If an adorable child wants to jump into your arms, and it's not your child, proceed with caution.

7. Camping fails

Pitch the tent BEFORE you start drinking.

8. Music festival fails

Be careful with those flower crowns. Having thick skin and an elastic heart is important, but good judgement is equally vital.

9. Fourth of July fails

What's American about firing off dynamite anyway? (Please, don't answer that.)

10. Average any occasion fire work fails

Think before you light.

11. Shark Week fails

You better not have forgotten about the most essential part of Summer.

12. Water slide fails

I'm sure there's a more scientific way to slow down...

13. Amusement park fails

Or rather, people who are scared sh*tless by roller coasters.

14. Beach selfie fails

Me at the beach: "GirlLookAtThatBod — AHHH WATER."

15. Road trip fails

Going to Florida! Road trip! Mud! Oh, $*%K MUD.

16. Puppy beach fails

We aren't the only ones who are clumsy on the sand.

17. BBQ fails

When people tell you they want their burger well done, this isn't what they're hoping for.

18. Ride the wave fails

Maybe this isn't the summer you learn to surf.

19. Dog walking fails

So much for trying to get some outdoor exercise with your pup.

Images: YouTube, Getty