AllSaints Uses Real People As Models

What I love about moto jackets is their versatility — you can dress it up or down and everyone has their own way of styling the edgy piece. I feel like the AllSaints campaign, Def In Venice did a perfect job of capturing the whole essence of that, showcasing the versatility of biker jackets. The campaign is both down-to-earth and artistic and the surprising part of it all is that it didn’t star any huge fashionista It girls. That's right, no Cara, Kendall, nor Gigi. Instead, it focused on real, everyday people because the brand felt like these models perfectly, “capture the independent spirit and attitude of the brand.”

The campaign, which was shot in Venice Bench, California, stars young, confident models and showcases the effortlessly cool vibe that is totally reminiscent of decades past, from the '50s to the early '90s. I feel like the biker look was perfected by the greasers and these Fonzie-esque models are slaying the look. It's hard to believe that these gorgeous stars are simply "real people" because videographer, Wil Beedle, made them look like professional models.

All the models in the campaign are young, which is perfect for the campaign, since it focuses on a sense of freedom and confidence, which definitely matches the sleek, black leather biker jackets really well.

Check out the campaign below:

Image: @allsaintslive/Instagram; AllSaints/YouTube