One Teaspoon Launches A Jewelry Line, And It's Equal Parts Edgy And Sleek

When you think of comfortable clothes to lay around the house in or spend long summer days out in, denim usually isn't anyone's number one option, unless it's a trusty pair you've had since high school or a piece from Australian brand, One Teaspoon. But the brand that has clearly perfected comfortable denim is now venturing out into the world of accessories. Yup, One Teaspoon launched a jewelry line, and it's equal parts edgy, minimalist, and sleek.

The brand's jewelry line's first collection is called Le Magnifique and it has a prevalent chain theme to it. From neck and body chains to the dangling chain earrings and ear cuffs, this collection was made to be paired with all your moto-inspired edgy outfits. The entire line is filled with rose gold and silver metals so if you're looking to expand your collection of edgy accessories, it looks like One Teaspoon has got your back. With prices ranging from $42 to $206, you can cop some shiny studs and chunky neck chains for the perfect grungy look. I love how the collection has both dainty and bolder pieces, but I'm hoping One Teaspoon will release some bracelets and cuffs too in the future.

Check out some of the accessories from the collection are shown below:

1. La Sienna Ear Piece

It would definitely suggest tying your hair back when wearing these sexy chain earrings. (La Sienna Ear Piece, $42,

2. Chunky T Bar Neck Chain

Double this piece up with the body chain for the perfect layered look. (Chunky T Bar Neck Chain, $206,

3. Love Bloom Ear Cuff

No cartilage piercing required to wear this one! (Love Bloom Ear Cuff, $52,

See the rest of the incredible collection here.

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