'Pitch Perfect 3' Confirms Anna Kendrick & Rebel Wilson, But What Plot Could Get Their Characters To Return To The Barden Bellas?

By now, every Pitch Perfect fan worth their salt has heard the joyous news that Pitch Perfect 3 has a release date and, even better, has confirmed OG Barden Bellas Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and Beca Mitchell (Anna Kendrick) for the cast roster so far. While there's no word on whether Skyler Astin, Brittany Snow, or even Hailee Steinfeld will be appearing in the threequel just yet, it's still thrilling to know at last that the Bellas' story hasn't come to an end. From watching Pitch Perfect 2, I got the distinct impression that the Bellas were passing the torch to Legacy aka Emily Junk aka Steinfeld as they all graduated, so it's a pleasant surprise to know that at least two of our favorite Bellas will be in the sequel after all. But why will Beca and Fat Amy come back in Pitch Perfect 3? Well, there are already a lot of explanations for why these two particular Bellas are the ones that need to be in the threequel.

After all, as Pitch Perfect 3 taught us, while Beca's best friend among the Bellas is probably unquestionably Chloe "I recruit girls in the communal showers" Beale, it is Fat Amy that she shares a room with in the Bella House, and it is Fat Amy that consoles her during an incredibly emotional time in her life. There can be no question that the two girls would have kept in touch perhaps above and beyond the rest of the Bellas. So what plots can we expect them to be sucked into in the new film?

1. Emily Tracks Them Down Because They're Roommates

The whole roommate situation worked out so well for Beca and Fat Amy in college that they decided to keep it up even after graduation. Emily needs their help with some Barden Bella business, so she tracks them down where they are living together, with Beca heading into work every day and Fat Amy rubbing her butt confidence on Beca every morning before she leaves. Which would make a fine movie all on its own actually.

2. Beca Isn't Ready To Let Go After All

After how much Beca complained about Chloe's refusal to let go of her aca-obsession — which was totally valid and true — it would be a hilarious change in Pitch Perfect 3 if living her dream of producing music doesn't make her stop missing being an a capella superstar. Even better, it would be hilarious if Beca got a job at Barden University once again as an assistant to the club, helping to train them all and continuing to make their arrangements. Way to come full circle, Beca.

3. Beca Helped Fat Amy (And Legacy) Become Superstars

Emily's song, "Flashlight," became a major hit to the point where she just plain doesn't have time to carry on the legacy of the Bellas the way her mother hoped. In fact, Beca is producing an entire album of music that is being sung by Emily, Fat Amy, and, yes, even Bumper — even though Beca doesn't want him here. Sadly, a certain a capella sound is missing from the album, leading Emily to usher the Barden Bellas back into this...

4. Fat Amy And Bumper Are Dropping A Duet Album

Beca is producing it, but she's not happy about it, so she insists it be an a capella album — for Bumper, only, so she doesn't have to listen to him butcher anything original.

5. Beca Needs To Learn To Open Up... Again

As Pitch Perfect 2 proved, just because Beca learned a lesson doesn't mean it's an easy one to live up to all of the time. Even though she learned to open herself up and put herself out there, to enjoy the college experience and make new friends, Beca still tends to keep things to herself and try to handle everything alone. Pitch Perfect 3 could be the third and final time she tries to keep everything under control, has it blow up in her face, and needs Fat Amy and the rest of the girls to show her that having a support group of sisters is a good thing.

6. They Need To Get The Gang Back Together

The current generation of Barden Bellas are in trouble. Serious trouble. Major trouble. Not being banned level trouble (cough, Fat Amy, cough), but serious enough trouble that they can't get through this without the previous generation of Barden Bellas. After all, Pitch Perfect 2 taught us that the Bellas are a legacy, so being able to call upon any Bella from any generation and from any part of the world is just a given. Imagine how much threequel potential that opens up. Maybe they should call this one Pitch Perfect XXL.

7. They Need No Reason To Be Here

It's Fat Amy and Beca. Why do they need a reason to be in this movie?

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