Zayn Malik Solo Song Cover Leaks Amid Controversy, Which Makes It Even More Unclear If He's Really Going Solo

This is either going to thrill fans of Zayn Malik or crush the souls of the fans of One Direction. Apparently, another Malik solo song has been released on the Internet, if by "released" you mean "leaked" and by "solo song" you mean "song cover." British rapper Mic Righteous uploaded Malik's cover of "No Type" on Soundcloud on Monday, June 15, and Malik's rep confirmed to Billboard that it was the former One Direction member on the track. This kind of put yet another dent in the whole concept of Malik leaving One Direction to become a regular 22-year-old, because I'm pretty sure regular 22-year-olds don't have tracks leak on the Internet. In addition, the leak of the song was not without controversy, and this controversy might be the reason that new songs from Malik are so sporadic and far between. Bustle has reached out to Malik and Modest Management for comment, but have yet to hear back.

According to Mic Righteous, the song was recorded months ago, and, according to Naughty Boy, it was actually stolen from his hard drive and is coming to the public in a better, more polished version later. Of course, it's difficult to figure out what the actual facts of the situation are, because the leak of the song brought with it a kerfuffle on Twitter between the rapper and the producer, with Naughty Boy insisting that the song was stolen and Mic Righteous insisting that it most certainly was not.

Mic Righteous later uploaded a version of the song without his rap on it to Facebook, and added a message:

So, basically, there's new Malik music on the Internet for fans to enjoy if they want to, but the question of whether or not Malik left One Direction to pursue a solo career gets harder and harder to answer with a definitive yes or no. There have been a lot of controversies flying, and the reaction of the One Direction fans still dealing with Malik's departure hasn't been overwhelmingly positive, but at least we can all agree on one thing: Malik is an insanely talented singer, and, if he does decide to put out solo music, then he is not going to be short of fans. While it might be a strange idea for fans of the boy band ensemble to get used to at first, Malik might end up charming them, and charming people who wouldn't be caught supporting the band as a whole. (Such people exist. I used to be one of them.)

Check out the cover below, along with the original version of the song.

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