Is Mike Montgomery In 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6? We May Only See Cody Christian Once In A Full Moon

If you’re a Pretty Little Liars fan like myself, you’re probably at least slightly relieved that we kind-of-sort-of know who A is at this point. Spoiler alert: It’s Charles DiLaurentis, though we don’t know his exact relation to Jason and Ali just yet. Now that one family has gained a potential brother, I’ve been wondering, where is Mike Montgomery in PLL Season 6? In Season 5, Aria's brother took a turn for the super weird (and super hot amirite?), lifting weights, dating Mona before her disappearance, and then doing all sorts of suspicious things with the blood that Mona collected in an effort to find her. There were a few moments where I was pretty convinced that Mike had to be on the A team, but it turns out that he was just hot on the trail of whoever took his girlfriend.

The last time we saw Mike, he was still looking for whoever he thought A was, and Caleb and Ezra were in hot pursuit, trying to get him to um, not do this completely dangerous thing that he was in no way ready for. He ended up with a bump on the head and no real leads to Mona. While it was sweet that Mike wanted to avenge his maybe-dead love, it was also a bad idea to try and outsmart an obvious criminal mastermind like A.

Now that we know where Mona and the Liars are, I need to know where Mike is too! Is Cody Christian, the actor who plays Mike, even coming back to Pretty Little Liars? I’m not sure we’ll see him, at least in the earlier part of the season, because Christian has been cast as a big bad wolf on Teen Wolf . According to MTV, “the 19-year-old will be featured as senior Theo, a lone wolf… in search of a pack. He’s described as athletic and charming yet covert, and while it may appear that the young adult is new to town, his past might suggest otherwise.” Drama, drama, drama.

Before you get too upset about losing Mike, you should know that PLL showrunner I. Marlene King recently tweeted something that suggests we could see the youngest Montgomery again. When a fan asked if we would see Mona reunite with Mike or her mother, King gave an enthusiastic yes, but didn't specify which reunion (if not both) she was talking about.

I hope that Christian’s time in Beacon Hills doesn’t interfere with his time in Rosewood. Mike obviously cares deeply for Mona, and their's is the reunion I most want to see. Given Mike’s dedication to finding his girlfriend (and all of that weird blood stuff), he would also be an amazing asset in the fight to find out who Charles is and who else is out to get the Liars. People often underestimate Mike because he’s the little brother, but he’s certainly proven to be helpful.

Because I wholeheartedly don’t believe that Andrew is Charles DiLaurentis (it’s just way too easy, you guys. Come on.), Mike and Andrew should join forces to fight the A team. With their combination of brains and brawn, they could make an even better PLL team than Toby and Caleb.

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