Eleanor Calder Launches The Trend Pair Lifestyle Website With BFF Maximillian Hurd

There is indeed life after One Direction and I'm not talking about the self-imposed exile of Zayn Malik, who bolted from the boy band earlier this year. The stunning and stylish Eleanor Calder has launched The Trend Pear, a fashion and lifestyle blog, with her BFF Maximilian Hurd and it's pretty much everything.

If you're wondering, yes, I have bookmarked The Trend Pear. I adore the double entendre in the name, and have been checking it daily, since Calder and Hurd are both infinitely stylish and I absolutely adore the his-and-hers perspective of their site. It keeps things fresh and fully informed.

They epitomize cool girl and cool boy British style. Also, their outfits are so well-edited and coordinated that the images are easy and fun to look at.

On the site, the pair explains its origin, writing: "The Trend Pear was born out of a love and respect for the fashion community and our aim is to convey our mutual interest through style reports, street style posts, and concise articles on various different elements within the fashion industry. The world of fashion is changing, moving away from gender specific clothing and towards a much more genderless space, where men and women can enjoy fashion together."

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Rather than pine over her ended relationship with LT, Calder is showing off her super cute sense of style alongside her handsome bestie.

Here are the three reasons you need to board the The Trend Pair train, like, now. Follow them on IG, yo!

1. Infinitely Cool

I mean, would you look at these two? Their outfits are effortless yet imperfect and so real world. Calder's bedhead is wonderful, while Hurd is oozes dude sex appeal without so much as a hint of normcore or hipster in his overall look. He is quite impeccably dressed and accessorized.

Summer hasn't even officially started, but Calder and Herd are making me yearn for jacket weather with this pic. I am already planning ahead.

2. Directioner Envy

Lots of Directioners grew to like and care about LT's onetime lady love. This is a way for her to remain in their lives and to dole out some some tips. Plus, her style is so chic and age-appropriate that Calder can inspire the Directioners beyond their homemade "Mrs. Harry Styles" tees.

3. Personal Touch

There are endless amounts of style, fashion, and lifestyle blogs out there. It's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, due to sheer volume. If you like young, fresh, London-inspired style, and are interested in male and female perspectives when it comes to fashion, well, you get exactly that right here. It's specific and niche, but it can also be universal. That's not an easy balance to strike, but Calder and Hurd hit it.

They even deem themselves "best friends living in London sharing our style and offering our opinion on all things trend based." You know what you are getting and therefore have less to wade through and they offer tips and images, so you can easily copy their looks. Winning and twinning!

Overall, The Trend Pear is artfully done, it's manageable, almost like a smaller Chictopia, and it's totally fabulous.

Nice work, Miss Calder and Mr. Hurd. Keep it up!

Images: Eleanor Calder/Instagram (5); Getty (1)