Nicky & Alex From 'Full House' Were The Show's Secret Weapon & This Graph Totally Proves It

Mary-Kate and Ashley weren't the only twins on Full House. Did you forget Jesse and Becky’s set of twins, Full House secret weapons Nicky and Alex? Just like a young Michelle, these boys were just as adorable as they were mischievous. Even though Jesse tried to raise the boys with love and discipline, oftentimes he would get overpowered by their cuteness factor, and Becky would have to step in. But, really, with faces like theirs, can you blame him? And, since they were Jesse and Becky's firstborn children, you better believe they got away with almost anything. Everyone knows Uncle Jesse can't resist a pouty face and puppy dog eyes.

In the final seasons, as the boys grew older, that mischievous attitude between the two of them only grew, because these boys were double the trouble. While they both added fresh faces to the show (quite literally, since they were babies when they started), they also added some comic relief. No matter what the circumstance, it seemed like these two were always by each others side, looking for a new way to get a laugh. Aside from what I'm assuming was plotting an evil takeover, let's look at how the boys spent the rest of their time on the show.

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Dawn Foster/Bustle