7 Valuable Lessons You Learn When You Have A Nerdy Dad, Because He Really Does Know Everything

If you ask me, having a nerdy dad helps you grow up to be one of the coolest adults. It's the truth. I have no data to prove this, but doesn't it just make sense? Being a nerd is essentially celebrating your interests (no matter how odd or how unpopular they may seem to others) to a loud-and-proud degree. So having a nerdy dad can only increase your success in becoming a happy and stable adult. Right? Right.

The main reason for this is because nerdy dads understand what it's like to be judged, and maybe even laughed at by others. They've been on the "underdog" side of life, and have overcome ridicule and learned to love themselves and their quirks in the process. Those who were born with six-pack abs and have known no adversity really don't have any business guiding anyone into the adulthood universe, but nerdy dads can certainly show their kids the path to eternal happiness.

Those of us who have been blessed with nerdy dads have picked up some stellar wisdom by watching them geek out. How could we not, ya know? So in honor of Father's Day, here are all the things you come to understand when you have a nerdy dad.

1. Haters gonna hate

Nobody in the history of the planet has lived their entire lives without facing a hater. And your nerdy dad has definitely faced his fair share of haters. But did that stop him from collecting comic books well after adolescence? No. Did it deter him from hand-painting tiny Revolutionary War figurines for a replicate battle field, that he then put inside a large display case? Nope.

What is life without interests and hobbies? It's boring. So those haters out there, wasting their brains and breath on judgement? Let 'em hate.

2. There's nothing more powerful than knowledge

You might not be the fastest or the strongest or the skinniest or the tallest. Who cares? Your nerdy dad probably told you that if you're well-read, articulate, and learn everything you can about the things that interest you, well... everyone else should probably just get out of your way. The smartest people in the world are the ones who dominate their chosen fields. They also become the richest, btw.

3. The coolest superheroes have zero super powers

OK, OK. I know some nerdy dads will say that their favorite superheroes are the ones who can fly or go back in time or can make themselves invisible. From a fictional and visual perspective, those superhero stories can be the most fun to get lost in. But every nerdy dad (and child of a nerdy dad) is more blown away by the guys (and gals) who are just regular people that created super-human abilities using protective suits and gadgets in order to save the world.

4. All awkward phases should be embraced

Bullying sucks, and too many of us have experienced it firsthand. So to hear someone (your nerdy dad) who has officially made it in the world and has the power to make all of their former bullies feel like proper a**holes is inspiring for anyone currently deep inside their own awkward phase. It's this kind of struggle that makes you stronger as a person, and makes you realize that some people are just idiots and not worth your time. That's an important lesson to learn.

5. Getting lost in a fictional world will always improve your mood

The real world can sometimes be a serious bummer. That's why nerdy dads will encourage the love of fiction. It doesn't matter if it's a sci-fi world with flying cars or a relatable story about a bunch of fictional people who work together at a fictional company. It just makes it easier to face the reality of life.

6. Your toys might become extremely valuable someday

Listen to your nerdy dad when he tells you to keep your toys clean and in good condition. He's seen way too many of his own former toys become worth tons of money after he's thrown them out.

7. The people who accept you for you are the only ones that matter in this world

You won't always be surrounded by genuine people who love you for who you are. Eventually, just like your dad did, you will learn which ones are truly worth your time. If they've seen you at your worst and still adore you, they're the real deal.

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