7 Tutti Frutti Nails From Instagram To Get Your Five A Day In Style This Summer

One of the top nail trends this summer is fruit inspired nails. I for one love how this trend is reminiscent of vacations to sunnier climates complete with palm trees, white sands, and fruity cocktails. And there's another huge trend right now that is taking Instagram by storm. Many wellness warriors or advocates of healthy eating are snapping their fruity smoothies, beautiful fruit platters, and fruit laden acai bowls, and it appears that Instagrammers are loving it. Perhaps this is why fruity nails are becoming all the more popular?

However, it appears that food in general is really taking the fashion and beauty worlds by storm. Designers and high street stores alike are using food as inspiration for their foodie accessories and clothes and people are even going so far as to cover their bodies in food inspired tattoos. As an offshoot from the food inspired fashion trend, there are tons of fruit inspired fashion pieces to lust over. The hot summer months often bring about a change in our diets from delectably heavy foods to lighter thirst-quenching foods. With the change in temperature we often crave more fruit, so it's natural that the nail industry has jumped on board the fruit cart and is having fun with fruit inspired nails.

So here are my favorite finds from Instagram to inspire your tutti frutti nails this summer.

1. The Strawberry Nails

Aren't these the cutest? These strawberry nails make me feel super nostalgic and remind me a little of Strawberry Shortcake. On another note, I have always wondered why strawberry flavored treats don't actually taste like strawberry. Strawberry "flavored" foods have a whole other flavor of their own... I'll leave you to think about that one.

2. The Pineapple Nails

If you like piña colada and getting caught in the rain, then these nails are your perfect match! This design makes me think of tropical islands, sunny snoozes, and water sports. Ah, bliss!

3. The Raspberry Nails

I've got a lovely bunch of... raspberry nails! When I envisage fruit inspired nails, I wouldn't automatically think of raspberry nails, thus they are the alternative fruit of choice for the lady who wants to be a little different.

4. The Watermelon Nails

I like these watermelon nails because more often than not, when you see a watermelon nail design, the nails are usually all designed identically with the watermelon skin either at the top or bottom of the nail with a flesh design on the rest — similar to the image at the top of this article. However, these are a little different and I do enjoy a quirky nail design.

5. The Lemon Nails

When life gives you lemons, use them as nail art inspiration! These nails remind me of sparkling lemonade due to the gorgeous, glittery ring finger and IMO they would be perfect to wear to afternoon tea in the garden.

6. The Subtle Fruit Salad Nails

If you prefer a more natural look, then these subtle fruit salad style nails are sure to go down a treat.

7. The Fruity Stiletto Nails

The stiletto nails were so named presumably because of their sharp point, which imitates a stiletto heel. If you like on trend nails then get yourself some falsies and paint them with all of your favorite fruits so that you can look sharp this summer.

Images: laqueenail, partialtopolish, hannailart, polishmepretty_nails, unhasdalala, kirstenposluns, sweetyambery, loveeffectnails/Instagram