10 Guys Finding Out They're Going To Be Dads For The First Time, If You Can Handle The Cute — VIDEOS

To be real, as a woman, I'm pretty thankful that that means I will be the first to know if I'm going to be a parent. This only makes sense, since the woman is the one in charge of cooking up and pushing out that new human. Men have it a bit different in the sense they have to learn that fact from another human—usually the mother, but not always, I'm sure. We did a round-up of some of the cutest moments of men learning they're going to be fathers ever caught on camera, and yep, it's pretty dang adorable.

Well, most are adorable. Some of the videos seem to capture more jaw-dropped shock than obvious celebration. That's understandable. As far as I can tell, parenthood is not a quest one should enter lightly as it kinda dominates your life until you, y'know, die. It doesn't end after 18 years, I hear (from my dad, as he patiently sits on the other line while I sob about taxes or traffic or finding a cracked egg in a freshly purchased carton). It appears regardless of a plan to get pregnant or not, some of these new dads surprise even themselves with their reactions.

Christmas shocker

Amy Cropper on YouTube

I wanna assume "Grant" already owns an iPad, otherwise this has the potential to be a very mean joke. But it isn't a joke. It's a child—and hopefully that's far more exciting than some silly tablet.

Work of art

Erika Jackson on YouTube

Apparently the "oh here's a gift also we're gonna be trapped in this parenthood thing for forever" approach is a popular one. At least homeboy above is more clearly stoked and even squeaks out a happy-cried, "We did it!"

Pre-dinner treat

DeniseRenee14 on YouTube

The way he goes in for a hug after!! Also, I'm pleased the pee-pee stick element did not appear in this one.

The sniff test

RaisingVegan on YouTube

Alert: The pee-pee stick is back.

Silent treatment

Megan Masters on YouTube

At least at first, then he freaks out and is so obviously stoked.

Photobooth fun

Jessica Devins on YouTube

I. Am. DEAD!

Double trouble

Bianca Prelich on YouTube

Well, it appears this dude already knew about one baby, but two? His reaction, "We're f*cked," is pretty much everything.

Book smart

Brenda Hainje on YouTube

...is this...the music from Father Of The Bride?

Put it on ice

Notariuz on YouTube

Never knew a man (or human in general) could love Vitamin Water so hard. However, he showed his true and totally rad colors when finally discovering the secret message.

After all this time

cvm2005 on YouTube

No...YOU'RE crying.

Images: Universal Pictures