This Woman Surprising Her Husband With A Pregnancy Announcement In The Middle Of A Photo Shoot Is Almost Too Cute To Handle — PHOTOS

My favorite kind of people are the people who not only make adorable life choices, but then share those adorable choices with the internet so that we can revel in it while we live our own slovenly lives, creating permanent indents in the couch and picking breakfast out of our teeth. We recently thought we had gotten our dose of cute after seeing this woman who announced she was pregnant in a photo booth, but this woman just took it step further with a surprise pregnancy announcement in the middle of a photo shoot, taking her husband by total surprise. Look, babies and marriage may seem laughably far away to me, but humans having moments of genuine, joyful feels together is something we can all feel warm and fuzzy about. This is the good stuff, you guys.

The shoot was the brainchild of photographer Kendra Swalls of Paisley Layne Photography, and when her client Camille Averett texted her saying, "Remember that idea you had..." Swalls could not have been more excited. They set the plan in motion: Camille would tell her husband that they were doing a Christmas card photo shoot (this all happened back in November), and that for part of the shoot they would both hold up a sign saying something sweet about the each other while their backs were turned. Little did Camille's husband Kyle know, while he was holding up a sign with a sweet message to her, nothing he could write could top what was written on hers: "We're having a baby!"

The future dad-to-be is immediately overcome with joy: "Kyle's first response to reading the sign was 'Really? Are you serious?' followed by laughter as he ran towards her to pick her up and spin her around," Swalls recalled of the shoot.

Congrats to the most adorable couple of 2015!!

Image: WPOC/Twitter