Jason Remembers Charles On 'PLL'

by Christine DiStasio

They clearly didn't call this the Summer of Answers for nothing — even if we haven't gotten any real answers just yet. (Seriously, I Marlene King, WHO IS CHARLES?) After Mr. DiLaurentis was shady as hell when Ali asked him about Charles during "Songs of Innocence," the promo for this week's episode teased that Jason remembers Charles on Pretty Little Liars . And, as it turns out, it only took Spencer asking the simple question, "Who is Charles DiLaurentis?" to jog Jason's memory. Yes, it was really that easy. So, who is A, really? Apparently, Charles is Jason's imaginary friend on Pretty Little Liars — or, at least, that's what the Mr. DiLaurentis told him when he was a child.

According to what the elder DiLaurentis told Spencer, Charles was Jason's childhood imaginary friend — "Charlie" — who, one day, had to "go away." And, unsurprisingly, Mr. DiLaurentis was the person to tell Jason that his BFF had to disappear. Now, no Pretty Little Liars fan out there believes this story for a second, right? Mr. DiLaurentis is definitely hiding something here and, clearly, it's HUGE. Big enough that it'd involve erasing a child from your family tree and to lie to your children not once, but twice about a person that obviously existed in their lives.

No one expected Spencer to drop it after Jason revealed what he remembered about Charles, so she took it to Ali. And, clearly, Ali's turned over a new leaf because — unlike last week — she decided to be proactive rather than defend Mr. DiLaurentis and claim that he speaks only the truth. (Obviously he does not.) The Liars combed through the DiLaurentis house looking for Ali's parents' "hiding places" expecting to find something that would confirm Charles' existence and they found it — at the bottom of a jar of buttons. First of all, great hiding spot, Mrs. D, and second, is Aria just the smartest person on the planet that she thought to look there? Either way, Aria managed to find a photo of Mrs. D, Charles, Jason, and Ali at the bottom of the jar.

Sure, it was just a free-frame of the video we'd seen in the lair, but there's one thing we know for sure — Mrs. D did not agree with her husband's decision to send Charlie away. So, what exactly is Mr. D hiding? We already know he's kind of an awful parent, but this is a whole new level of awful.

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Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family