The Jon Snow Resurrection Theories Give You Feels

by Rachel Semigran

If you're not caught up on the Game of Thrones season finale, then LOOK AWAY! SPOILERS AFOOT! Right, now that that's out of the way... many of us are still reeling from Sunday night's tragic and shocking Game of Thrones season finale. After watching Arya stab someone to death through their eyes, Brienne of Tarth brought Stannis Baratheon's reign to an end, Dany was circled by a vicious crew of Dothrakis, Sansa leapt to an unknown fate to escape, Cersei was stripped nude and publicly shamed — and, yet, none of it struck harder with fans than the final moment of, "Mother's Mercy." Jon Snow was assassinated by the men of the Night's Watch for having joined forced with the Wildlings.

Snow was tricked into thinking his uncle had returned and, when he arrived to the courtyard, a sign was marked, "Traitor." Then one by one, members of the Night's Watch stabbed their Lord Commander while proclaiming, "For the Watch," into Snow's ears. The last and most horrific blow came from his own steward, Olly.

Needless to say, those final moments of Season 5 were brutal and emotional for fans. Jon Snow has been one of the series' most beloved characters since its premiere, and one of the few "good ones" left. However, all might now be completely lost yet. There are a lot of theories out there that will have you believe Jon Snow isn't really dead.

Here's how they'll make you feel.

How You Feel About the Fire Rebirth

Many readers and fans think Snow is actually the nephew of Ned Stark, not his son. Specifically, the theory is that Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen are actually his parents. Thus, with Targaryen blood he could be reborn with fire a la Dany — which is A-OK with me.

How You Feel About Him Surviving the Stabbing

Uhhhh... he looked pretty dead to me. But, hey! He's got a lot of fabric and skins over his body to keep warm... you never know.

How You Feel About Him Becoming his Direwolf

Even if the Targaryen theory is true, he's still half Stark, and the Stark kin can warge into their direwolves. So, even if his body is dead, his mind and spirit could still be living on in his direwolf who is aptly named Ghost. It's a solid theory... but it means no Kit Harington. I'm not sure how to feel about that.

How You Feel About Melisandre Resurrecting Him

If she can do it for Khal Drogo...

How You Feel About Jon Becoming a Wight


How You Feel About Jon Snow Becoming a New Night's King

The last time they met, that dude seemed pret-ty set on Mr. Snow...

Lastly, How You Feel About George R.R. Martin Not Writing That Part yet

Well, the show has finally caught up to the books, and, now, we know nothing, just like Jon Snow. The showrunners might declare, "Jon Snow is dead," but that could simply be semantics. He might be dead as we know him right now, buy he may just be Azor Ahai, a great hero of the Game of Thrones Universe, reborn. There is no way to feel about that besides: PLEASE BE TRUE.

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