How Do I Find My Own Seth Cohen?

by Emily Lackey

When I think about the one and only beloved teen series The O.C. — which, full disclosure, I find myself doing a lot — I first think about how, in every episode, the Cohens started their day off together over breakfast. Despite the trials and tribulations that the family went through, Sandy, Kirsten, and Seth Cohen were always there for one another — and even for Ryan Atwood, who was truly apart of the family even if not by blood. After that (and after a quick detour of thinking about the bagels they're eating in those scenes), though, I think about how very much I wish I could be a member of the family myself. (Or, since they're, y'know, fictional, at least more like one of the Cohens.) The Cohens are a specific breed, though — individual differences aside, each seems to share a few common traits in addition to a deep fondness for Chrismukkah. Take Seth, for example: When you break down his character, the classic Cohen traits are clear immediately, along with his own, personal quirks.

But, what would it take to find and woo someone similar to a guy like Seth? First of all, I'm about 80 percent sure I would have to stop listening to Beyoncé on repeat, and start listening to Modest Mouse, or Death Cab For Cutie, or something. Mix that with scouting a dude with a little bit of adorable nerdiness and an impressive college degree, and you pretty much have Seth Cohen in a nutshell.

So, what exactly makes up a Seth Cohen? Luckily for you all, in my ongoing quest to become someone the Cohens would love and welcome into their family, I've taken the liberty of creating a breakdown for you all. Just think of it as a recipe of sorts — or just a guide to The O.C.’s most beloved comic book nerd:

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Dawn Foster/Bustle