Rihanna Attends Dior Runway Show In Custom Denim Dress And You Can Shop Her Look (For Less)

Rihanna always kills it with her fashion choices, so obviously when she steps out in head to toe Dior, she slays. Rhianna attended the Dior runway show wearing a custom Dior denim dress and looked adorably fierce, as always. She’s like the only person who can pull of being totally girly and precious and such a bad ass at the same time. Seriously, I want to be her!

Denim is so in right now and can take so many different forms. It can either look totally laid back or really high fashion, and her custom look was definitely the latter. I mean, where do I begin? With the dark color, those pockets, and that flared skirt, the singer and fashion icon was able to pose with so much attitude on the red carpet before the show.

And while we all can’t be Rihanna or have custom made Dior dresses (sigh) we can attempt to recreate her look with similar denim ensembles. Then, all that’s needed is some major practice channeling her attitude. Got to get that sweet and sassy combo just right, you know what I mean?

See Rihanna’s look for inspiration and then take a look at some similar silhouettes:


She's. Killing. It.

Denim Shift Dress


Denim Cami Dress


Oasis Denim Dress


Now, practice that pose, girl! Make Rihanna proud!

Images: Courtesy Brands, Getty (1)