Bleach May Reverse the Aging Process, a New Study Reveals

It turns out bleach isn't just the solution for a squeaky clean bathtub; according to a recent study by the Stanford University School of medicine, bleach could treat skin damage and aging.

Researchers found that a diluted mixture of .005 percent bleach reversed signs of inflammation and aging in trials conducted on mice.

Small amounts of bleach have already been found to be effective against eczema, but until now, the reason behind the cleaning solution's powerful role in treatment was never looked into further.

The most important finding of the recent research was the possibility of bleach dilutions helping the painful conditions cancer patients suffer from radiation, which can leave skin feeling tender, almost like a sunburn. Furthermore, it could also aid in healing diabetic ulcer wounds.

The lead study author Thomas Leung is excited about the potential skin-saving solutions that could come from their research. “It could be really exciting. Economically, this is pennies per treatment and very widely available," he told HuffPost.

While exciting, don't go rubbing clorox all over your skin just yet. Leung and his team plan on doing more research and human trials with the diluted bleach solution.