Pharrell Williams Rocked A Cool Floral Jacket In London, Plus 3 Ways To Steal His Bright & Colorful "Florcore" Look

Burberry unveiled a more traditionally feminine look at Glastonbury on Sunday, and now, male celebrities are breaking outdated gender fashion barriers, too. Vogue spotted singing cutie Pharrell Williams in florals, termed "florcore," earlier at the Dover Street Market in London. He totally pulled it off, and given his status as such a fashion influencer, we may soon see far more men feeling comfortable in floral patterns and lace.

Williams just received the CFDA Fashion Icon Award on June 1, and is constantly pushing style boundaries. He's decided it's time for men to gear up their workout jackets with floral embroidery, and hopefully the Asian-inspired floral jacquard fabric track jacket he just wore is a sign of good things to come. Given Williams has a longterm partnership with Adidas and his own line to boot, should we start expecting track suits with daisies? Hats with daffodils? I'd be lying if I said my fingers weren't crossed.

While we can't do anything but hold tight for Burberry to release its lace to the public and wait to shop Williams X Adidas summer line, there are fortunately some good options already out there if you do a little bit of digging. I scouted out three of my favorite floral options for men and women to rock this summer and be happyyyyy ( I couldn't resist).

1. Floral Pattern Hoodie

This hoodie from Hollister was made for chill nights on the beach around a campfire. Need.

(Floral Hoodie, $22.47, Hollister)

2. Takashi Floral Print Dress

I think Pharrell would definitely approve of this Japanese-inspired floral printed midi dress.

(Takashi Floral Print Dress, $180, Topshop)

3. Floral Camisole

Can you not just like, feel the good vibes bouncing off this shirt? So summer good.

(Floral Camisole, $12.99, H&M )

Image Credit: Hollister; Topman; H&M