JJD Is Adding More Designs To Her Kittenish Line

If you are a fan of Jessie James Decker, then you are fully aware of her killer sense of fashion. It should come as no surprise then that her clothing line was going to sell out like crazy shortly after its release. The fashion designer took to Instagram to thank all her fans for the success Kittenish has received thus far, as well as let them in on a little secret. Jessie James Decker revealed Kittenish will have a part two to the collection, thanks to the massive support it's received from fans. As a means of gratitude, Decker uploaded a picture of her wearing a few pieces from her collection: the Romy blazer in white, the "white trash" cut offs, the Jessie v-neck, and a high pair of nude pumps.

Her photo's caption read, "I am so overwhelmed by all of the success of the clothing line already! We have sold out more than half of the collection already! This makes me so happy that you love it this much!!" I mean, who wouldn't? The line isn't just cute, but it's also totally affordable, too. JJD definitely knows how to target the millennial market!

For those of you who just can't get enough of Decker's clothing line, you are probably freaking out at the thought of JJD hard at work designing more clothes — as you should! In her Instagram photo, she wrote, "Yes there is a part two to this collection that will be coming out very soon!! I just didn't want to make you wait any longer for it! When those pieces are ready they will be going up immediately!!! #kittenish @kora.rae."

I seriously can't contain my excitement right now!

Image: jessiejamesdecker/Instagram