Anne Hathaway Should Do 'Princess Diaries 3': An Open Love Letter To The Actress That Brought Mia Thermopolis To Life — UPDATE

Update: According to EW, a source close to Disney has reportedly denied rumors of The Princess Diaries 3 being in the works. Disney has not released any official comment as of yet, but this update is still majorly disappointing. Princess Diaries re-watch, anyone?

Previous: For any Disney fans who haven't heard yet, there's a rumor on the horizon that Princess Diaries 3 might be happening. That's right: We might soon see a return to the world of Mia Thermopolis and the kingdom of Genovia, in a film that will hopefully (probably) be a follow-up to the first two films. Although it has been 11 years since we last joined Mia during one of her movie adventures, and though Anne Hathaway's acting career has gone on to many different places since, I don't think I'm the only one out there who is really hoping that the actress chooses to reprise her role as the princess-turned-queen of Genovia. In fact, I'm so committed to this idea that I decided to write an open love letter to Hathaway so she'll join Princess Diaries 3. Hey, you never know how powerful the written word can be before you try.

Dear Anne Hathaway,

Hey, it's me, Alexis. No, don't stop reading! I know I haven't exactly been your biggest fan in the past, but I'm not that person anymore. I've put it behind me. And besides, it was just announced that The Princess Diaries 3 might be happening, so this is officially bigger than all of us now. Which brings me to why I'm writing... Miss Hathaway, I need you to come back for the third movie. We all do. I know it's been over a decade since The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement came out, and you've, y'know, won an Academy Award between then and now, but I'm begging you. We need you.

And it's not even about you being great in the first two movies — even though you were, and I can't imagine the franchise without you, don't get me wrong — it's more about the fact that you are Mia Thermopolis. You're this person who's been raised up and torn down and just put through the complete ringer by the media, and has somehow managed to hold onto her sense of self through it all. We haven't always made it easy (and yes, I'm very much including myself in that category), but at the end of the day, you win.

You have this beautiful life with a supportive husband and accolades in your field, and you've mastered the art of keeping your personal life private. And beyond that, you've discovered that it doesn't really matter what you look like or what people think of you, or whether you're the Princess of Genovia. HOW MIA THERMOPOLIS IS THAT.

We didn't take the full opportunity to learn from you when we had the chance, Anne Hathaway, so please come on back and give us another shot at it. We don't deserve you, but we need you. Please at least think about it.



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