7 Digitally Fantastic E-Books To Read On The Beach This Summer (After You Finish Mine, Of Course!)

Whether I’m on a plane, train, or automobile, you can typically find me on my phone, iPad or laptop, tweeting with fans, catching up on news, texting friends or recording behind the scenes video for my vlogs. And you may not picture me as someone who enjoys a good book every now and then, but the truth is, when you’re traveling as much as I do, constantly plugged in, sometimes you need a good mental escape.

Enter: eBooks! Typically I’m into nonfiction and some lighter fiction fare because I think it's it’s hard to dive into a really heavy novel and not read for hours straight! So, what’s on my reading list this summer? And what should YOU read? Hmm… I know! How about my just published book, I, JUSTINE: An Analog Memoir ?! :)

I promise there’s something for everyone in it — from tech-lovers to YouTube hopefuls and everyone in between — my hope is that you’ll find something that inspires or entertains in the pages of my memoir. I’ve worked really hard to make sure I go into detail about my childhood as a computer geek, how I first got into lifecasting, and thoughts on how digital media is changing the ways we interact and how our culture evolves.

Still want a few more recommendations for summer reading on your e-reader? Let me oblige…

In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume

Do I even have to say anything more? It’s Judy Blume, people. I’m so excited to read Judy’s first adult novel in 17 years.

In Real Life by Joey Graceffa

I've known Joey since the very early years of his YouTube career. His book follows not only his rise to YouTube stardom, but also the struggles of his childhood. It's an amazing read and I'm so proud of all he's accomplished!

Anything in the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine

I got to meet R.L. at a book event recently, and to say that I was freaking out would be an understatement. Now I’m going back to my Goosebumps catalog this summer to re-read my favorites. Don’t miss classics like The Haunted Mask or Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes . :)

Who Do You Love? by Jennifer Weiner

I was lucky enough to get an early look at Jennifer’s next book, Who Do You Love, and it’s her first real love story. Definitely one that you’ll speed through as soon as you one-click.

We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist

Josh takes us through years of his failed dating encounters by interviewing many of the past girls who kindly (or not so kindly) rejected him. It's a great read for anyone who has ever questioned their past, future or present relationships. Josh gets right down to business and finds out some of the surprising answers to "Why didn't we hang out sometime?"

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Well, the cover of my book pays homage to Steve Jobs, so Steve Jobs has to be on my summer reading list. It’s pretty long, though, so to save some pounds in my carry-on, digital is the way to go. If you’re at all interested in the genesis of Apple and learning more about Steve’s rise to the head of the Apple empire, this is the book for you.

The Status of All Things by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

These bloggers turned authors know a thing or two about social media, and this Freaky Friday-esque novel answers the question, “What would you do if you could change your life with one Facebook status update?”