Iggy Azalea Gets Real About Self Confidence & 4 More Times She Preached Body Positivity

In an industry that applauds outward appearance as much as raw talent, it's almost easier to pick apart celebrities' perceived flaws rather than celebrate and embrace them. But considering that doing so makes you no better than an Internet troll straight out of a Brothers Grimm fairytale or a tabloid that runs unnecessary close-ups of A-listers' cellulite, let's take a minute to laud those stars who have taken a stand against ridiculous beauty standards and have instead put their time, energy, and fame into dat body positive life. And, in this instance, let's focus on Iggy Azalea her recent empowering words.

The "Fancy" rapper has long been outspoken about body image — both about her insecurities and her realistic outlook — but it was her recent commentary to TODAY Australia that conjured up some serious #realtalk about body confidence that's applicable to pretty much everyone ever.

"Some days I want to crawl into a cave because I don't feel confident at all, and then other days I feel great," Azalea said about her own body image. "I think it's like that for all human beings, not just young women. I think being confident 100 percent every day is something to aspire to, but I don't think it's humanly possible for anybody." True dat, Iggy Iggs.

It was this truth bomb that inspired me to unearth other body positive words (or actions) of wisdom from the rapper — and as it turns out, they were not hard to find.

1. When She Completely Owned The White Chicks Look

Iggy Azalea has been the target of cyber-bullying pretty much since she first stepped onto the scene, but it was Snoop Dogg's White Chicks dig that really brought the situation to light, when he offensively compared the Aussie rapper to the main characters from the movie. But leave it to Azalea to turn the insult on its head, completely owning the meme and actually dressing up as one of the Chicks for Halloween that year. Who dat, who dat? Oh, it's Iggy Azalea, just casually slaying both Snoop D-O-double-G and Halloween.

2. When She Openly Discussed Her Plastic Surgery

You might think that just the mere fact of getting plastic surgery is the opposite of a body positive outlook — after all, you're choosing to change what you perceive as a flaw instead of embracing it — but I think if it makes you feel like a confident badass, then more power to ya.

"I love them so much I just had to talk about them," Azalea revealed about her breast augmentation, gushing about the surgery to E! News. Considering that discussing plastic surgery is still considered taboo (especially in Hollywood), her candor is especially refreshing.

3. When She Explained That Her Onstage Body Is An "Optical Illusion"

For anyone who idolizes a certain celeb's figure, it's important to know that the #bodygoals aren't necessarily realistic — not even for the star who they are worshiping.

"What you’re seeing on stage is always a combination of just naturally being fit and body makeup, tights and things like that the performers have to help them," the rapper told radio station 103.3 AMP. "I’m a performer and I wear two pairs of tights. Sometimes it's slightly an optical illusion."

4. And When She Left Social Media Due To The Constant Body Shaming

Some people say that winners never quit, but I think that maybe the mark of a true winner is knowing when to quit. And in Iggy Azalea's case, this was when she decided that she was no longer going to subject herself to the constant barrage of hate flowing through her Twitter and Instagram feeds and straight-up quit social media:

Simply put: The "Pretty Girls" rapper, like any other human being on earth, didn't need unimaginably cruel and probably misspelled comments like "you are so ugly and fat and I hate you111" in her life, so she removed herself from the situation. Bye Felicia.

Keep the positivity coming, Iggy!

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