Selena Gomez's Pantene Contract Is Worth More Than You Think (AKA, Allegedly $3 Million Per Year)

When the news first broke of Selena Gomez's modeling contract with Pantene, devotees of the spokeswoman's albums and acting career rejoiced. Gomez is, after all, a celebrity proponent of positive body image who happens to possess a covetable style exemplified by her ever-changing mane. It seems only right that Gomez would join the ranks of fellow Pantene spokeswomen including Sofia Vergara, Gisele Bundchen, and Liv Tyler. However, Gomez's benefits from the Pantene campaign amount to more than the simple satisfaction of knowing her feminist message will be broadcast to global followers.

According to a source within the beauty industry, Gomez's paycheck for services rendered with Pantene is allegedly a cool $3 million per year, E! reports. According to the triple threat actress/singer/model herself, the true compensation of a deal with Pantene is not monetary. "I've always loved using Pantene, so it's a dream come true to be the brand's newest ambassador. Not only because Pantene stands for strong, healthy hair but also because it encourages women to be their best selves. I rely on Pantene to keep my hair strong and healthy so I can take on each day with confidence," Gomez related to the press in reference to news of the contract.

It seems that Pantene will be just as fortifying to Gomez's bank account as it has been for the performer's lustrous locks.


I can't blame the brand for wanting to lock down this stunning head of locks!

Images: Getty Images