Alexander Wang Appears In Madonna's Video For "Bitch I'm Madonna," And His Appearance Makes Perfect Sense

The highly anticipated “Bitch I’m Madonna” music video launched Wednesday via Tidal and featured quite the squad with celebs like Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus, Queen Bey and Katy Perry giving Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” posse a run for their money. But fashion designer and Creative Direct of Balenciaga Alexander Wang made an epic cameo in Madonna’s video, coming in and shaking his long black hair at the camera mouthing the phrase sure to be on everyone's lips by the end of the day — "Bitch, I’m Madonna." Don't we all wish we were?

Joining Wang in his head banging and arm waving, the video also featured a few choice men to join in on the ultimate Madonna rager, such as comedian Chris Rock and performer-turned-fashion-designer Kanye West.

The former H&M collaborator may not be Madonna but he sure does dress Madonna often enough. I guess the (very) least the 56-year-old pop star could do for her favorite designer was feature him in one of her music videos. About time Wang made his way into the music industry in one way or another, and he did so quite phenomenally, if I do say so myself.

Unfortunately, if you are not a Tidal user, the music video is currently unavailable to you at this time. However, I am able to provide you with 3 of the many times Madonna dressed in Alexander Wang originals. Take a look.

1. Birthday Bash

2. iHeartRadio Music Festival

3. MDNA Tour Ensemble

Quite the collab, eh?