7 Reasons Aaron Paul Starring In 'The Way' On Hulu Is Majorly Exciting News

Even though I'm still a little mad at my celebrity boyfriend Aaron Paul for lying to me about a possible Jesse Pinkman spin-off on Twitter (how could you, Jesse?), I can forgive him, because on Wednesday, your favorite streaming service with a green logo announced that Aaron Paul joined Hulu series The Way, coming out in 2016. The press release describes the new original show from Parenthood writer Jessica Goldberg as one about a "family at the center of a controversial movement struggling with relationships, marriage and power, with each episode taking an in-depth look at what it means to choose between the life we live and the life we want." Sounds HEAVY, and I'm loving it. What's more is that the 35-year old actor is also signed on as a producer of the series. You go, Jesse Pinkman! You're finally moving on up in your career!

From the sounds of it, though the details are vague, The Way is about the family at the center of a "controversial movement," though it doesn't say what that movement is. It has been described as a faith-based drama, though, and that can mean a couple of things, but I hope it means that it's about a cult. Just a dream, though! We'll have to wait until this winter for the series to premiere on the streaming service, but here are seven reasons I am already saying, "Yeah, Bitch!"

1. We Haven't Seen Much Of Him Since Breaking Bad Ended

OK, I guess this one depends on who you are, but for me personally, even though I am a huge Paul fan, I haven't seen him in anything since Breaking Bad ended. Except for Netflix's Bojack Horseman, which is quality programming, but an animated TV-series about a washed up celebrity horse with Paul playing his live-in deadbeat friend Todd only lets me hear Paul's voice, not see his cute lil' face. (To be fair, his character on Bojack is basically a cartoon version of Jesse Pinkman.) The former Breaking Bad star has also been in a couple of movies since he said goodbye to Walter White: Need For Speed, Hellion, and Exodus: Gods And Kings. Needless to say, I saw none of the aforementioned. I need this show.

2. The New Show Is About A Cult

At least, that's what it sounds like anyway. Per the press release, Pinkman — I mean, Paul — will play:

... Eddie Cleary, a convert to a controversial movement with a wayward past. He's a husband (to “Sarah Cleary” played by Michelle Monaghan) and father who suffers a crisis of faith when all that he's come to accept as truth in his life is fundamentally challenged.

Sounds pretty cult-y to me! And cults are so hot right now. Have you seen The Leftovers? Hello! And it's working for another little show, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, starring Ellie Kemper as a former Mole woman in the cult of Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (played by Jon Hamm). Let's face it, folks: we, as a society, wanna know about cults.

4. Jesse Pinkman Would Be A Great Cult Member

Obviously, if the new show is about a cult, we know that Paul has that role on lock. He fell for everything Walter White threw at him, because he was innocent and naive and just a kid who went down the wrong path.

1. Paul Will Play A Great Dad

As is clear from Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman loves kids and the actor who played him has a great rapport with kid actors. Even though most of the scenes involving kids on Breaking Bad were almost illegally sad, Jesse and Brock were always best buds. Plus, even though Paul is really young, he's a middle-aged dad at heart, and what better embarrassing dad story is there than being the best-ever contestant on The Price Is Right?

5. A Bryan Cranston Cameo?!

Is there any more adorable best friendship/mentor-mentee relationship in Hollywood than Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul? Have you seen the way Paul looks at his favorite (faux) meth cook with those big, puppydog eyes? I'm sure if Paul picked up the phone and asked Cranston to make a guest appearance on The Way, Mr. White would be there in a heartbeat.

6. Think Parenthood, But Way, Way Darker

Not that Parenthood was all sunshine and smiles, but it was definitely, at the end of the day, a feel-good show that made you want to hug your mom. This show sounds like a feel-bad show, and Jessica Goldberg really knows how to write the tear-jerkers. The last season of Parenthood was a doozy. And who else is skilled in making us cry? Aaron Goddamn Paul. Tears galore, I'm ready.

7. A New Aaron Paul Catchphrase?

Not that "Bitch" isn't an instant and forever classic, but we could use a new tagline. We'll see you this winter, Aaron Paul!

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