Chubbies Launches The Adios Shortalones, A Colorful Pair Of Dual Action Swim Trunks That Every Man Should Own

Just when you thought fashion couldn’t get any stranger, men’s shorts brand Chubbies launches The Adios Shortalones, a pair of multicolor trunks that are just a snap away from revealing the real show stopper, a Blurcle Chubbana Hammock concealing every man’s best friend. Quite the option for on-the-go active wear or something to lounge in by the pool, hm?

Styles of the ‘90s are in fact making a comeback, and clearly Chubbies is all for it. These dual action shorts scream alternative ‘90s fashion statement. Think Clueless meets poolside.

I’m not actually positive if Chubbies is taking their latest addition seriously or not, but for $64.50 a pair that is one pricey punch line. At least you wont have to pay for shipping.

You really are getting a bargain for your buck, though. Consider the cost of a man's average Speedo, then add that on top of swim trunks. Chubbies is doing men a favor by giving them the option to choose between the two for the price of one.

If the designer was aiming for individuality, they've certainly succeeded. And hey, if dying your hair to look like sand-art can be a thing, why can't rainbow swim trunks?

Think about it.

Images: Chubbies