9 Topshop Unique Resort 2016 Outfits That Are Cooler Than Cool

Is Topshop ever anything less than cooler-than-cool? The Topshop Unique Resort 2016 collection just proves the brand is on a roll. Topshop is frequented by some of the most stylish celebs worldwide (Beyoncé's been known to promote the brand, and Alexa Chung always wears her Topshop with flare to spare), they've got one of the highest-profile models repping them (hello, Cara Delevingne — I always do a double take when I see the 50-ft tall billboard of her at The Grove), they've currently got a pretty rad collaboration on the shelves with Kendall and Kylie Jenner. There's simply no denying that the trendy (and largely affordable) brand is killing it, and Resort 2016 is no exception.

The new collection was full to the brim with ultra-trendy pieces. There was lots of leather (including a to-die-for turtleneck leather dress and an embellished mini skirt), '70s-inspired wares (along with a touch of their signature '90s grunge, of course), and stylish little dresses. Most of the ensembles combined simple, clean lines with a touch of retro flair. Everything had that special brand of je ne sais quoi-infused laid-back ease, and just about every single item of clothing was wallet-ruiningly covet-worthy. So to celebrate, let's look at the nine most stylish looks from the collection!

1. This mismatched ensemble

Taken apart, both items are great, but taken together? DYNAMITE (especially that gunmetal gray metallic, sashed mini skirt).

2. This space queen dress

OK, if you liked that skirt, chances are you're going to love the dress version.

3. These leather pants

Basically perfection.

4. This embellished skirt

Gorgeous, right? Especially when you take a closer look.

5. This floral dress

The short version...

6. This other floral dress

... and the long version.

7. This salmon suit

It doesn't get much more epic than a crushed velvet salmon-colored suit now, does it?

8. This leather dress

Ooh, another space queen number! And last but not least...

9. ... This fur coat

So fab it hurts.