15 Times Philomena Kwao Blew My Mind On Instagram

I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of the word "fangirl" because I think it's used too frequently to patronize and dismiss the perfectly natural passionate feelings of a woman who is 100 percent here for someone. So, I won't call myself a "fangirl" for plus size model Philomena Kwao, but rather, a Totally Within Reason Admirer Lady.

I'm not sure what it is that draws me to Kwao, but it might have something to with her radiant skin, tremendous ability to pose, or the fact that she can sell me on whatever piece of clothing she models by simply existing within the garment. In other words, the woman is damn good at her job.

For those of you unfamiliar with her work or presence within the plus size fashion industry, Kwao is a 25-year-old British Ghanaian plus size model from Deptford, London. She rose to fame in the industry after she was discovered during a U.K. modeling competition, held by the popular (and amazing) plus size brand, Evans. Now, she is one of the faces of Torrid, and she is also the shining light of my Instagram feed. Seriously, my heart skips a beat every time I see her photo. Here are 21 times she further reserved a solid spot in the heart of her #1 Totally Within Reason Admirer Lady.

1. When She Convinced Me That A Popped Collar Could Still Be Relevant To My Interests

I would pop a thousand collars if it meant I could get closer to emulating this.

2. When She Announced That She Would Be The New Face Of Torrid With This Epic Photo

Because it's a big deal, and it deserves a big, loud photo to go with it — Kwao is the latest face of plus size brand Torrid, and she looks amazing.

3. When She Reminded Everyone Of The Power Of Acid Wash

You didn't know it could look this good. Now you do, and your mind is blown.

4. When She Demonstrated That She Could See Clearly Into My Soul

Just look at those eyes. I could get lost there forever.

5. When She Changed My Mind About White Lingerie

Normally, white lingerie looks bridal and gross to me. On Philomena, it is everything.

6. When She Wasn't Afraid To Show What It Takes To Be A Model

There's no denying that being a model is a ton of work. I love the fact that Kwao isn't afraid to be human and let her fans see behind the scenes.

7. When She And Plus Size Designer Navabi Said Exactly What I Was Thinking

It's no secret that I wasn't a huge fan of the #ImNoAngel campaign, and I love how indie label Navabi used Philomena to get its own point across: It doesn't matter what we are or aren't, all that matters it that we're ourselves.

8. When She Got Rowdy In Her Hotel Room

Because this is basically what I do every time I enter a hotel.

9. When She Hung Out With Her Mom, Who Is Every Bit As Gorgeous As Her

Kwao likes to hang out with her mom, and I like to hang out with my mom. LET'S ALL HANG OUT TOGETHER.

10. When ID Magazine Took This Photo Of Her

And now, just like the first time I saw it, I cannot even. Absolutely stunning.

11. When Torrid Featured This Photo Of Her In Their Multi-Way Bra

I never purchased bras from Torrid before, but then I saw this photo. I'll give you one guess about what I did next.

12. When She Supported Gabourey Sidibe By Re-Posting Her Story On Instagram

Now I want to know if these two amazing women are friends in real life. And if they would consider being friends with me.

13. When She Wasn't Afraid To Get A Little Crazy With Her Facial Expressions, Because We Can't All Smize, All The Time

This is such a gorgeous photograph, and it's also how I feel every time I realize that I am out of goat cheese.

14. When She Lounged Like A Damn Pro

When I look at this photo, I like to think that Philomena is saying, "Join me on this couch, Amanda. We will have snacks and talk about our favorite books."

15. When She Gave Me All The Life With This Pose

There's no denying the fact that she is serving us all Grace Jones in this photo, and it's absolutely breathtaking. Kwao's career is picking up speed in recent months, and I cannot wait to see how and where her pictures show up next. Her work is truly inspired.

Images: philomenakwao, navabifashion, torridfashion/Instagram