Chandler Bing From 'Friends' Is Probably The Best Dad Ever To Little Jack & Erica Bing

Sunday is Father's Day, and while there are plenty of TV dads to celebrate, there is one that I'm sad that we don't discuss often: Chandler Bing of Friends, who never got to fulfill his wonderful television dad potential. As a show conceived as the story of six 20-somethings attempting to navigate their first foray into adulthood, the Friends gang spent seasons trying to get their acts together, only to have them all fall into serious relationships and marriages by the end of the series. (Well, except for Joey. Sorry, Joey.) In the final episode of the series, married couple Monica and Chandler adopted twins, taking the giant leap into parenthood and becoming mom and dad to little Jack and Erica Bing adopted after a long battle with infertility. It's really a shame that the show ended before we could see Friends' resident jokester raise his kids, because Chandler is probably the best dad ever.

If I had to choose any one of the three guys to raise a kid, I'd have to pick Chandler. Hands down. Sure, Ross has more experience, and Joey would impress his child's friends with his job as an "actor," but at the end of the day, it's no contest: Chandler has all of the traits that make up a great dad. In my dreams, there's a Monica and Chandler spinoff where we get to see the home life of the Bings, but until that becomes a real thing, here's why I think Chandler would have made the best television dad ever:

1. He's The Master Of Dad Jokes

The dude knows more puns than he knows what to do with. I can just imagine his kids rolling their eyes and groaning, "Aw, Daaaaad."

2. He Knows How To Lay Down The Law

That's how he kept Joey in line all of those years.

3. He's Caring

He's not quite Danny Tanner, but he's definitely going to give his kid a big hug after one of them loses a game of softball. And since these are Chandler's kids, I highly doubt they're very good at sports.

4. He Already Raised The Chick And The Duck

You know, right before they die — err, "dove" into fun on the farm.

5. He Wants To Do Better Than His Parents Did

Chandler has plenty of daddy AND mommy issues (some of which ruined Thanksgiving for him forever) but it's only made him more aware of how to not behave as a parent.

6. He Has A Lot Of Love To Give

Chandler is still head-over-heels in love with his wife, and I can only imagine how fiercely he'll love his new twins.

7. He's The Best Friend, Ever

Chandler is probably one of the most ride-or-die of the six characters. He supports his friends without question (especially Joey, and I'm not just talking financially) and is loyal to a fault. Sure, his kids may not want to be buddy-buddy with him, but eventually, they'll learn to appreciate it.

And now I'm just sad that we can't witness all this great parenting. Because somewhere out there in TV land, Chandler's kids are growing up with the best dad ever.

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