When Will 'The Fault In Our Stars' Be On Netflix? 7 Movies Like ‘TFIOS’ That'll Help You Weather The Wait

A little over a year ago, the world (well, the Internet) changed forever: The Fault in Our Stars was released in theaters. Based on John Green's bestselling YA novel, the teen tearjerker became one of the year's hugest phenomenons, bringing in a whopping $307 million and reminding Hollywood that not all movies have to be about vampires or an Avenger. A year after its release, fans are still obsessing over everything TFIOS-related by re-reading the book, stalking Ansel Elgort's Instagram, and readying for Green's next adaptation, Paper Towns . The one thing they can't do, though? Watch the movie online, because despite its popularity, the movie is still not able to be streamed. So when will The Fault In Our Stars be on Netflix?

Quite possibly, within the next year. Netflix typically waits until about a year after a movie's DVD release to stream it on the site, and TFIOS ' home media version was released on Sept. 16 of last year. It could very well be added to the list later on this year, or perhaps in early 2016, but there's been no announcement yet about when to expect the film's addition to the site. And unfortunately, there's no guarantee that it will ever be there; Netflix supplies a lot of movies, but there are still plenty that, for whatever reasons, don't made it onto streaming. Still, it's unlikely that TFIOS will never be on there, considering how popular it is and how huge an audience it would undoubtedly bring to Netflix. Until that fateful day comes, here are seven other movies to watch on Netflix that'll satisfy your TFIOS craving.

1. 50/50

Another movie about cancer, but with a twist: instead of the lead duo being in a relationship, they're simply best friends. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen give impressive turns as a guy diagnosed with cancer and his supportive but helpless pal, respectively, making the dramedy one of 2011's best.

2. Like Crazy

Like Crazy is a beautiful little movie about young people in love, and while it's more serious in tone than TFIOS, it's just as much of a tear-jerker. Not convinced it's worth your time? A just-starting-out Jennifer Lawrence has a small role as the lead character's new girlfriend.

3. Stuck In Love

Despite totally different plots, Stuck in Love is the most closely related film to TFIOS there is. Both movies are directed by Josh Boone, and both feature a supporting turn from Nat Wolff. What more could you want?

4. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Want a teen-led drama with high stakes? The Hunger Games sequel has all that and much, much more. Sure, the tones of the two films are very different, but if you're in the mood for a a movie about an adolescent girl with a lot on her mind, Catching Fire will do the trick.

5. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

A sweet movie about two precocious teens who fall first into friendship, and then in love. Plus, there's really great music. Sound familiar?

6. Carrie

Want to see Ansel Elgort in a very, very different light? Check out the 2013 remake of Carrie, but be warned — it's not gonna leave you and Gus on the best terms.

7. Eat, Pray, Love

In an adaptation of a bestselling book, the lead female character travels somewhere exciting, eats good food, and has sex. They're basically the same movie.

So while it may still be a long time before TFIOS hits Netflix, there's plenty to watch in the meantime that'll make the waiting easier. And when the movie does eventually come to the site, remember to bring a box of tissues upon viewing; it may be a privilege to have your heart broken by John Green's tragic story, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared for the ugly-crying that's bound to commence upon the first "okay."

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