'The Fault in Our Stars' DVD Will Be Awesome Thanks to John Green & Director Josh Boone

Get your tissues ready. Hypable has reported that the DVD and Blu-ray editions of The Fault in Our Stars will feature a whole bunch of special extra features, all of which are sure to make those tears jerk. If you're a fan, you'll definitely want to check these out.

Pro tip? Go with the special "Little Infinities" Blu-ray edition, as it will feature an extended version (more time, more tears, more love), an extended audio commentary by John Green and John Boone, which will surely change the way you watch the movie, deleted scenes, a featurette called "The Stars Align," which chronicles the book's journey to the big screen, as well as all of the features on the standard DVD. The standard DVD will have a bunch of promotional featurettes including a 'making of' feature, a gallery, and a special segment about the movie's music. Neither of those two options work for you? The standard Blu-ray edition sits somewhere in the middle, with all of the DVDs features, audio commentary, deleted scenes, and "The Stars Align."

The only featurette that's missing? An audio commentary from the always-candid star of the movie, Shailene Woodley. But even without Woodley's candor, the Blu-ray and DVD are both surefire choices for gifts for any TFIOS fan. And the best part of purchasing these editions when they hit stores on September 16? You can now watch TFIOS in the comfort of your own home, because let's face it — you kind of need to hug your cat (or dog/hamster/stuffed animal/jar of peanut butter that you're eating) while watching this movie.

Image: 20th Century Fox