This Caterpillar Photo Series Is Amazing And Terrifying And I Need Someone To Hold Me — PHOTOS

Were you the kid in the playground who wouldn't shut up about the insects and really liked rolling around in the mud? (I wasn't. In fact, I was crying to my mom about you because you got dirt on my leg and it interfered with my flower picking.) But if you were an insect fiend, you'll appreciate this Samuel Jaffe's pictures of caterpillar species. Jaffe is examining dozens of different types of caterpillars, each in different settings, and photographing them on black backgrounds. (All black everything? Good move, Jaffe.) Displaying each caterpillar against the black background accents their vibrant colors, unique textures and patterns. It's only a matter of time before one of the caterpillar patterns becomes the new argyle. You just wait and see.

His caterpillars are doing everything they would be doing in their ~natural habitat~ in these photos. They're ever-so-casually hanging off branches, getting up close and personal with all sorts of foliage, and winding themselves around weeds in Kama Sutra-esque positions.

Jaffe has always been fascinated with caterpillar species and has been raising caterpillars since he was a small child in Eastern Massachusetts. When Bustle asked him about the project, he said:

"The photographs that I took begining in 2008 started me off on the road I am on now as they showed me how powerful a tool caterpillars are towards educating others about the value of our local ecosystems and the broader natural world. Photo galleries grew into museum exhibits and traveling programs and now into this broad thing we call The Caterpillar Lab."

We're definitely awestruck over The Caterpillar Lab's work, even though I'm still torn between finding these caterpillars cute and cuddly, and being low-key terrified of them. Their colors have me voting in their favor, but their creepy, crawly-ness have me running in the opposite direction.

You be the judge. Delightful or terrifying? Here are 10 caterpillar pics to help you decide:

1. Yellowtail-is-more-than-just-a-kind-of-sushi Caterpillar

2. Multi-colored caterpillars

Are these reminding anyone else of gummy bears? No? Okay.

3. Snakerpillar

I'd say me renaming caterpillar breeds is going pretty well.

4. Camouflage caterpillar

~so incognito~

(Also, this is me at a cocktail party.)

5. Inverted Caterpillar

New caterpillar species, or new sex position? Up to you.

6. Seventh-circle-of-hell-caterpillar

Trust me, guys, this is what Dante was talking about.

7. Roller coaster caterpillar

He's about to do the full loop-de-loop.

8. Walk like an Egyptian caterpillar

The Gilmores aren't the only ones that like The Bangles. Caterpillars listen to them on the regular.

9. Electric slide caterpillar

10. Camouflage caterpillar: The Sequel

Back and better than ever.

Images: Courtesy of Samuel Jaffe of The Caterpillar Lab