Why 'Full House' Episode "Honey, I Broke The House" Is The Absolute Best Half-Hour Of The Entire Series

As someone who has seen every episode of Full House far more times than I'm willing to admit, I have a lot of favorite moments from the series. But for me, the scene in which an 8-year-old Stephanie drives Joey's brand new, expensive car into the kitchen obviously takes first place. The unforgettable moment happens during Season 3's "Honey, I Broke The House," which is easily my favorite episode from all eight seasons of the show. (Of course, the Disney World edition comes in at a close second, but no single episodes encapsulates everything wonderful about Full House the way "Honey, I Broke The House" does.) For so many reasons — most of them having to do with tiny Jodie Sweetin's comedic genius — this is obviously the best episode of Full House.

In case you're a little fuzzy on the details, here's what goes down: Stephanie's trying to get someone to pay attention to her, and you'd think in a house filled with a million people, that'd be a lot easier than it is. Unfortunately, everyone's busy. Becky and Danny are working on an upcoming episode of Wake Up San Francisco; DJ and Kimmy are actually doing their homework for once; and nobody wants to play with Steph. Sometimes, watching Full House as an adult makes me want to adopt her and take her in as my own. Anyway, this neglect leads the middle Tanner sister to climb into Joey's car, and, thinking the "R" stands for radio, throw it into reverse and back into the kitchen. Oops.

And everything that happens after that? Well, it all adds up to the best episode ever.

1. Michelle Is Terrible At T-Ball

In the beginning of the episode, Michelle and Joey are in the backyard playing T-ball, and Michelle isn't exactly a sports prodigy. Of course, that just makes it more adorable, since a toddler pretending to understand the complexities of running the bases is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

2. The Actual Driving Of The Car Into The Kitchen

Stephanie's in total shock, and then she has the same reaction I did after my last car accident: "Please be a dream, please be a dream!" The next step in her thought process: "Maybe no one will notice."

3. DJ's Sass Is At An All-Time High

When her dad walks into the kitchen and discovers the wreckage for the first time, DJ's response is to snap photos of his reaction — photos that totally would have gone viral on Twitter if it existed in the '90s. And then, when it's dinner time, she asks him, "Do you want me to set the car?" In the Tanner home, the sass never ends.

4. Stephanie Tries To Run Away From Home

Steph has her post-dance class carpool drop her off at Becky's to say goodbye, as she's running away to Mexico to become a dancer. Seems logical. Then, Jesse stops by to apologize to Becky for being jealous of some dude she has a dinner meeting with and discovers his niece hanging from a coat in the closet. Priceless.

5. This Is Our First Real Glimpse At Becky's House

If you ask me, it looks like it belongs to my grandmother, not a twenty-something talk show host. Someone get Becky on Pinterest, ASAP.

6. Stephanie & Danny Have An Adorable Talk

Initially, Danny's pissed that Stephanie drove the car into the kitchen (duh) and even more mad that she fled the scene of the crime. But it ends in hugs, like Tanner family problems always do. Ah, it's moments like these that make Full House so beautiful.

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