New 'Shameless' Teaser Is a Must-See

Fall is considered the best time for television because it's generally when broadcast networks bring all of their shows back — but this is wrong. The best time for television is actually January, because that is when one of Showtime's best shows, Shameless returns. As for the second best time for television, that's when Showtime begins rolling out the promotional material for Shameless — which is just what is happening now: Showtime just released a teaser for Shameless ' upcoming fourth season, which features Fiona having a meltdown of epic proportions in what appears to be an office setting (perhaps a reference to her new job as a telemarketer at Universal Cup).

Fiona's new job isn't the only thing that's changing next season on the show: It's been officially confirmed that Justin Chatwin is off the show for good, after portraying Fiona's on-again/off-again love interest, Jimmy, for the first three seasons of the show. Though the fate of his character isn't made clear on the show, showrunner John Wells revealed this past June that Jimmy was indeed killed in the penultimate episode of season three after being forced onto a yacht owned by a dangerous Brazilian druglord whose daughter Jimmy was supposed to keep safe.

Whether or not Fiona will ever find out about Jimmy's fate remains to be seen — currently, she's under the impression that he's just disappeared — but it seems like next season will be focusing on her work life, as well as her new role as guardian to her underage siblings.

The fourth season of Shameless is set to premiere on Jan. 12 at 9 PM on Showtime. You can check out the teaser below.