"Reflection" Is One Of XTina's Best Songs

I’ve gotten into some pretty heated debates over Christina Aguilera’s career — most specifically concerning which of her songs is the best. It’s never gone into knock-down-drag-out territory, but I’ll honest: I’d cut someone just to prove to them that Christina Aguilera’s song “Reflection” is one of her best. It’s not something to bring up with me after a couple margaritas. Tequila makes me punchy.

I know what you’re thinking. “'Reflections'? Really?” But, let me stop you there: YES, REALLY. This song is the one song of Aguilera’s that gets buried under the raunch of “Dirrrty” and the hot sweat of “Fighter.” Not that I mind raunch or hot sweat, believe me — but there is something a little subtler happening in “Reflection.” There’s no bottle-rubbing, no body-grinding, no ass-slapping... there’s just Aguilera, sitting in front of a lily pad pond, singing her goddamn heart out about things that give me too many feelings to know what to do with.

In case you don't recall, the song is from Disney's Mulan soundtrack (GUYS, REMEMBER MULAN?), so I can understand why it’s not something you probably listened to on repeat on your Discman. It’s a little too slow and serious, I get it. But, maybe secretly in your room you did, while lip-syncing and staring at yourself IN YOUR MIRROR. (Be honest. You know you totally did that too. That’s what made this one a classic.)

Need more proof? Here are some other reasons why “Reflection” is just the absolute best thing ever:

1. It’s From Mulan

And it’s so right on with that movie. Mulan was also the fiercest Disney heroine, like, ever — so that mash-up makes this song all the more awesome.

2. All That '90s Slow Jam

Those drums, man. Those slow beats. You can feel this one.

3. You Could So Relate

Back in '99, with all of your acne and horrible haircuts, your reflection never showed who you were inside either.

4. The Music Video

Just Aguilera singing straight into the camera, in a beautiful setting that looks straight out of Mulan. So subtle, yet so perfect.

5. The Progression From Doubtful To Determined

Listen to the lyrics. You’ll hear how she moves from not liking her image to being determined to like it. This song is deep, y’all.

7. This Dove

Because she’s being set free. Get it? GET IT?

8 It’s About Loving Yourself

And when is that not a good idea for a song?

Here's the video again in case you need it twice and don't have it bookmarked on your computer like I do. Because sometimes, it's just necessary.

Image: Getty Images; Giphy (6); Christina Aguilera Brazil/YouTube (2)