Lauren Graham Has Better Taste Than Lorelai

I was a Gilmore Girls superfan late bloomer. My best friend would always rave about this show and how sweet and whimsical and adorable it was, and I also feel like I should've watched it sooner since I was a fervent Dawson's Creek and Felicity girl. Cut to a decade later and I am in my Brooklyn apartment completely avoiding all social interaction as I power through Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I am hooked. It's been super exciting to see all of the reunion news lately, since I only just finished the series and the Girls and their boys are fresh on my mind. Speaking of the men of GG, we all have our favorites, and actress Lauren Graham revealed which one of Rory Gilmore's boyfriends she would want to hook up with during a recent interview. And her response wasn't much of a surprise... to me, anyway.

While appearing on Wednesday's episode of Watch What Happens Live, Graham shared the juicy tidbit that Jess Mariano would be the Rory boyfriend that she would, ahem, like to get to know better. She said, "Ooo! Would I want to? Oh, um, Milo? Milo. I'm a brunette person. Milo Ventimiglia."

First, let me say that I wasn't surprised because Jess Mariano is my favorite Rory boyfriend for many reasons that mirror my own dating life way too much, so why wouldn't she choose him, too? That said, her character, Lorelai, did not have a very good opinion of Jess. She obviously loved Luke Danes, but his bookworm, black clothes-wearing and brooding nephew didn't quite rub Lorelai the right way, especially after that car accident. I always did have the opinion that she saw too much of her young and rebellious self in Jess Mariano, and was only trying to protect Rory from being hurt in the end.

Obviously, we know that Rory made the right decision for herself in the end, but I always held a candle for her and Jess. Imagine the attractive, hip, and intellectual couple they could be while reading the New York Times in their Brooklyn brownstone? I'm sure Lorelai would deal with that and it would turn out just fine, but it's cool to know that Lauren Graham finds it hard to resist that brooding brunette charm, just like the rest of us. It's always the bad boys, isn't it?

Images: Giphy; Getty Images