Zayn Malik, Fashion Brand Representative? The Singer Allegedly Wants To Try Modeling, So These 5 Brands Should Book Him Now

Since he left One Direction back in March, all eyes have been on Zayn Malik to see what career moves he plans on making next. He's already released his first few solo tracks, much to the elation and heartbreak of 1D fans around the world, but new rumors suggest that for his next big career change, Zayn Malik wants to rep a fashion brand. Next stop, modeling!

According to The Sun, they spoke to an anonymous source who said, "Music will always be his priority but fashion could be more than just a side project," for the singer. "The long-term aim could be to potentially earn a big-money endorsement deal with a huge fashion brand," the source alleged.

Malik has been changing up his personal style a lot lately, quickly going through a rainbow of hair colors over the course of just a few days. And let's not forget the preteen pandemonium his buzzed head and new nose ring caused! While Malik's interest in pursuing a big fashion campaign hasn't been confirmed, he would be a major win for any brand considering he has a rabid fan base that will undoubtedly go nuts over any images he puts out.

With that in mind, here are five brands I think the former One Directioner should definitely represent in the future — if he can take a break from the hair dye for a minute.

1. Saint Laurent

The designer is already a favorite amongst the One Direction boys and fits in perfectly with Malik's dark, rocker aesthetic.

2. Versace

The Italian brand is known for creating campaigns where male models are barely clothed and look more like Greek gods than mere mortals. I have a feeling Malik would fit that bill perfectly, and who doesn't want to see that man in a teeny tiny speedo?

3. Dolce & Gabbana

Malik already looks like a lot of the brooding men in Dolce's ads, so it seems like a natural fit.

4. Hood By Air

If the singer is looking to really break with his squeaky-clean boy band image and get some serious street style cred in the process, Hood By Air would be a match made in heaven.

5. Gucci

Gucci is currently going through a major rebranding with a new creative director and a totally different aesthetic than it's had in the past. Hm, sounds like another guy we know...

Here's hoping we see Malik's handsome face on some stylish advertisements soon.

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