Dads Do Their Daughters' Hair For Goody's Father's Day Short & The Results Are So Cute — VIDEO

While there are surely a number of fathers out there who are hairstyling champions and can french braid with the best of them, not all dads know are skilled with brush and comb. When your daughter comes asking for some fancy up-do, what's a dad to do? This new video from Goody shows what happens when dads do their daughters' hair, and the results are hilarious and adorable.

The task of doing hair frequently falls to mom because of some (pretty sexist) idea that all women are born with the natural talent to braid, tease, and de-frizz. While this definitely isn't the case, this commercial goes to show that men aren't always gifted in the hair department either.

In this adorable short film, fathers with an extremely base-level understanding of grooming take their young daughters to the park to try out some pretty advanced level hairdos. The dads seem to think that the more they brush their child's hair, the easier it will be to actually create the hairstyle, which sadly won't help any of them achieve the princess-y styles of their daughters' dreams.

Headbands also seem to be particularly baffling accessories for the men to master. While the initial results of the hair experiment are sub-par to put it mildly, and result in some unhappy little ladies in the process, after a quick visit from Goody's hair specialist, the fathers are able to pull of even the most complicated top knots with aplomb.

If you really want to take this to the next level of *feels* watch this with your dad on Father's Day and let the waterworks flow.

1. This little girl looks way too calm for what's about to happen.

2. Now that's more like it!

3. Even taking ponytails out doesn't seem to be going too well for dad.

4. Thank god there's Dad Beauty School.

5. Team work makes the dream work.

6. This is not the face of a confident man.

7. This is the appropriate level of skepticism with which to approach the situation.

8. Your high ponytail does not impress her.

9. Understandably nervous to see what's going on back there.

10. Apparently headbands require a two-hand, full head grab approach.

11. Thank god some professionals stepped in.

12. Finally, a satisfied customer.

13. Not bad for a braid novice.

14. Could this dad-daughter duo be any cuter?

15. Oh wait, it just got cuter.

Check out the entire video below: