Tyra Banks Is #RawandReal With Or Without Makeup

Taking a makeup-free selfie to show the world yourself unfiltered is fantastic, but does wearing makeup and posting a selfie in all your glitz and glam make the photographed person any less real? Tyra Banks posted another glam selfie on Thursday morning, only unlike the barefaced photo the supermodel posted Wednesday, she’s all done up with a message for her fans.

"Yesterday, I woke up and felt like showing you the me you deserved to see. #RawAndReal,” the America’s Next Top Model host explains. “Today, I want to continue to keep it real. Why? Because we ALL know I don't walk around looking like the bare-faced photo I posted yesterday.”

It doesn't get much realer than a woman admitting she needs makeup to look like a supermodel. Of course when we see celebrities on television or posing in magazines, a professional was hired to tease their hair and paint on their makeup. Celebrities are paid to look flawless. Wouldn't we all like to be?

At the end of the day, once the cameras stop rolling and snapping away, they return to their hotel rooms and homes, only to wash their faces clean of the all the foundation and mascara, just as we do.

“Almost everyday," she continues, "I rock mascara, blush up my cheeks and throw concealer on those damn dark circles under my eyes.” It sounds all-too familiar, doesn't it ladies?

Whether or not you wake up in the morning and go about your day without a drop of foundation on your skin or shadow across your eyes, who you are is not defined by whether or not your Instagram selfie is makeup-free, and rest assured Tyra Banks is here to tell you that just because you didn’t "wake up like this," you’re still flawless.