The First Photos Of Dylann Roof After The Charleston Shooting Mark One Of The Last Times He'll Likely Ever Be In Public

Hours after he was arrested during a traffic stop after allegedly opening fire at the Charleston Emanuel AME Church after a prayer meeting, Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Storm Roof was escorted out of the Shelby, North Carolina Police Department and into a waiting police car. Roof's his hands were handcuffed behind his back. The FBI believe Roof to be responsible for Wednesday's devastating shooting that left nine dead, making this likely one of the last times Roof will ever be seen in public. If found guilty, it's possible that he could be sentenced to death, and at the very least spend the remainder of his life behind bars.

The shooting is thought to be a hate crime; according to The New York Times, one survivor noted that Roof had allegedly said, “I have to do it … You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go,” before opening fire.

As Shelby was escorted to the cop car in front of a crowd of reporters, local WCCB reporter Audrina Bigos Tweeted a series of photos that mark the first time the public saw Roof after Wednesday's shooting — and, given the enormity of the charges against him, possibly one of the last times. "#DylannRoof looks around at our cameras while being escorted to patrol car. #CharlestonShooting," Bigos wrote.

Roof was wearing a bulletproof vest.