This Lady Gaga “Imagine” Cover Proves She’s One Of The Best Live Performers In The Music Industry Today — VIDEO

Brace yourselves, pop music fans: Lady Gaga's "Imagine" cover is going to blow you away. The 29-year-old pop star sang John Lennon's now iconic 1971 hit during the opening ceremony for the 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan last week, and in the process, reminded us all that she's one of the best (and most versatile) live performers in the music industry today. Simply put, she was phenomenal.

Aside from her show-stopping Sound of Music tribute at the Oscars in February, Gaga's been laying low in 2015, and honestly, I've kind of missed seeing her name in the headlines. Isn't it time for her to step out wearing nothing but a diamond-encrusted diaper or something? Sheesh! I'm just kidding. I actually wish Gaga would give the attention-seeking antics a rest once in a while. It's easy to forget just how incredibly talented she is when all anybody can talk about is that one time she put a giant chicken nugget on her head. It's too much sometimes.

That's why I find Gaga's "Imagine" performance so refreshing: she didn't arrive in a shiny plastic egg — she just walked up to the piano, sat down, and sang her heart out. That's the Gaga I'm most interested in (though I must admit, I did sort of enjoy the wacky Kermit the Frog ensemble she wore a million years ago). Lately, she seems to be putting the focus back on music, and that's just fine with me.

Check out Gaga's "Imagine" cover below.

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