Women Are Getting Botox Scalp Injections To Help Their Blow Outs Last A Few Extra Days, But Is It Worth it?

Image enhancers, body modification, plastic surgery — people refer to Botox as different sides of the same coin. The toxin is most commonly used to alleviate wrinkles in people's foreheads, but there is also another semi-common use for the treatment. It's able to reduce sweat production, and that's part of the reason why women are getting Botox scalp injections. During these hot summer months, sweat can put a major damper— no pun intended— on that blow out from yesterday, and the latest belief is that by getting the injection, you can prolong a blow dry. But really, people, is it worth it?

Botox has been linked to a bevy of positive effects. While the treatment does appear superficially to be mostly created for cosmetics purposes, there is research that suggests the toxin may help treat depression. The link between facial expression and emotion is to thank for that. Then, there are the more odd uses of Botox. Women in the UK have used the serum as a way prevent their calves from contacting allowing them to better fit in boots. Because, you know, buying bigger boots just isn't an option.

According to Womens Wear Daily, New York dermatologists are seeing a rise in women requesting scalp botox, which just sounds painful. The treatment takes thirty minutes to complete, and while some have questioned whether the botox causes hair loss, there are studies underway to discern whether or not that's the case. While the treatment seems kind of extreme to me, the idea is kind of ingenious. Since Botox is proven to help sweating, then why not prevent sweat from ruining that blow out after spin class or yoga? Regardless of what getting botox in your scalp says about women's perceived need to maintain a certain level of perfection, I've got to applaud whoever came up with the idea.

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