Pat McGrath Wants You To Use Blush

Makeup artist extraordinaire Pat McGarth has worked with everyone from Max Factor to Givenchy. She's one of the most well known artists in the business, and in the makeup world, her word may as well be law. So when Pat McGrath says blush is underrated, you should probably go find the nearest Sephora. The talented lady sat down with British Vogue to answer some burning makeup questions and remind us why she's such a beauty goddess.

McGrath is probably best known for her work with runway heavy weights like Alexander McQueen where she is outrageously innovative, she also has some words of advice to your every day makeup routine. She talks specifically about how blush can be overlooked. When asked what the most underrated product is, she explains, "Blush! It's the fastest way to create the illusion of those high cheekbones we all lust after. A creamy blush is super-versatile too. Backstage at the fashion weeks, we'll often use a blush across the apples and temples, and sometimes even on the chin and forehead, working it almost like a bronzer to give more life to tired skin."

The makeup artist doesn't stop at dropping knowledge about blush though. Instead, she goes on to dish on finding your perfect foundation, how to make your eyeshadow modern, and McGrath even shares the best beauty advice she's been given. "Make-up should be playful and be a form of expression that's worn to inspire confidence," she shares, "If you feel great in the look you've created for yourself, I'd call it a success!"

McGrath is, without a doubt, one of the most talented makeup artists in the business, and while you may think you can only catch her work on the catwalk, she's got a killer instagram account that's totally worth a follow. She's been honored by Queen Elizabeth and is one of the top women in the fashion industry. Basically, when Pat McGrath says wear blush, you should definitely wear blush.

Images: Pat McGrath/Instagram(2)