This Reebok Classic x Melody Ehsani Collab Is Fly

The beauty of a classic is that it's timeless: You can tweak, pick, twist, but at its core, the foundation is still there. It's no wonder sneakers are one of the biggest poaches for collaborations, and we've got a new one on our hands—Reebok Classic and Melody Ehsani have teamed up to create one of the trippiest sneakers I've ever seen, sets of eyes included.

The two are continuing their collaboration, creating a pair of kicks called “CL LTHR LUX ME" for Fall 2015. You can pick up one of these puppies at Eshani's store and online. Select retailers will also carry the shoe on June 19.

Of course, the shoe is the classic shape, but instead of the bright white, they're wearing a gradient snakeskin pattern, and yep, you guessed it, Ehsani's signature evil eye embellishment. The message behind the shoe is "be yourself." And it's certainly unique.

“When I was working on this shoe, I was doing a lot of internal work, struggling with trying to find answers to some of life’s big questions. I’ve done enough work up to this point to know that I just had to go deeper within myself,” Ehsani said, according to Footwear News.

The shoe will retail for $149.99. Not too bad for a designer pair of kicks. I love a statement shoe, and I could see this paired with an all-white outfit for summer. With the athleisure trend running rampant, it seems like it's the perfect time to invest in some sneakers that you can wear in and out of work.

Images: @melodyehsani/Instagram