Lady Gaga Accepts Songwriting Award In Bra & Panties With Platform Boots Because Underwear Is Always Outerwear For Her

Clothes can be overrated, especially when it's sexy time. But when Lady Gaga accepted a songwriting award in a bra and panties, along with sheer, black stockings and chunky '90s platform boots, she reminded us that clothes can sometimes get in the way even in professional situations. You know, I really, really, really thought Mother Monster had gotten past the pants-less phase.

A few years ago, she'd regularly turn up at things like Mets games without any bottoms. Gaga also hit a pizza shop last summer while pants-free. For a while there, ditching pants was her thing as much as wearing crazy couture is/was. Underwear was outerwear.

However, for the past year, Gaga has been glam-focused, performing alongside that class act known as Tony Bennett and attending fancy events like the Oscars. Gowns have been preferred over no-pants ensembles.

But here, Gaga proved that she is still Gaga, that she sometimes likes to get irreverent with her outfits, and that she can still make fashion her bitch.

When Gaga picked up the Contemporary Icon Award at the 2015 Songwriters Hall of Fame Induction and Gala, she threw an oversized, crimson blazer with black piping over her latex bra, granny panties, and semi-torn patterned pantyhose.

The boots were major stompers and right out of the '90s goth club.

Who needs pants when undies and stockings can do the trick? I feel instantly transported to the Born This Way era.

The pop diva showed cleavage while hanging out with songwriter Linda Perry. And look! Tassels! They are not just for Lady Gaga's sunglasses anymore.

Ma Monster performed in her red jacket-topped undies, so it was a stage costume.

Those glasses look like they have some X-ray powers. Plus, her brows were bleached out.

Okay, as a stage outfit, it's sexy and Gaga-ian.

No pants, ripped stockings, don't care.

She lives for the applause.

OMG, you guys! Gaga found pants! The singer changes outfits like 10 times a day, so of course there was more than one outfit worn last night. She donned a striped, oversized pantsuit with rolled sleeves, pairing them with her platforms.

She's all about recycling here. Notice that she remixed her Elvis Presley rock tee by including it with her menswear look. When last we saw this shirt, it was with a pair of ripped jeans.

Mother Monster hit on three "wear" trends at one event: underwear, outerwear, and menswear!

What's old is new with her, always.

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