JJD Wears A T-Shirt Designed By Andi Dorfman

Here’s what I know about JJD: she likes singing, fashion and The Bachelorette and she combined these three things flawlessly. Jessie James Decker wore an Andi Dorfman-designed shirt to perform at the Tin Roof in Memphis on Thursday night. See how she did that? All three of her favorite things rolled into one.

It’s not often that you get to combine so many of the things that you love into one killer outfit, so I am really happy that JJD was able to do so. I’m also really happy that the shirt is super affordable so that I can scoop one up for myself, ASAP. Because who doesn’t love The Bachelorette, am I right? This is the perfect way to subtly show your love for the reality television show.

The v-neck t-shirt has the word “Love” written on it with the “o” being replaced by a peach. How adorable! It's totally fitting because Dorfman is from Atlanta and all, so she's clearly repping some hometown pride. This top is part of a collaboration that the former Bachelorette star did with Southward Apparel, and it’s only $48. Umm, yes! I’d love to wear this look, especially given how great JJD looked in it. The singer-turned-designer (she just put out a collection of her own!) styled it with a pair of leggings and some super cute boots.

Check out her look for yourself. Talk about outfit goals!

It was a good day for Decker, getting to do what she loved while wearing a fashionable t-shirt made by the contestant of her fave TV show, and it’ll be a good day you when you snag a shirt of your own. Come on Bachelor Nation, let’s do this!

Love Tee, $48

Shop this Andi Dorfman designed tee at Southward Apparel.

Image: Southward Apparel