These Cat Paw Socks For Tables And Chairs Will Make Your Living Room Purrrrfect — PHOTOS

If I've learned one thing from moving (other than the lesson that moving to a major city is the worst), it's that hardwood floors scuff. Very, very easily. Especially if you aren't quite strong enough to lift your furniture and end up having to drag it across the floor. While hardwood helps make your apartment pretty, it also requires upkeep. Or *TWIST*: Maybe it just requires you to cover the legs on your tables and chairs, to protect your floors. These cat paw socks for furniture are making a healthy argument for implementing tasteful coverings into your home decor. (Maybe they're more "whimsical" than "tasteful," but if you're going for a little Lorelai Gilmore-esque funk in your apartment, you definitely needs these.)

As someone who tries to channel Lorelai's coffee, food and decor prowess in my daily life, I can definitely get on board with these. I mean, sure, I'd have to hide them from my roommate, my boyfriend and my parents when they come to town (to salvage my outward "dog person" personality), but it'd be worth it for the ounces of glory that would potentially come with owning cat coverings for my desk chair. Like, we always seem to wonder how to brighten up a home workspace. THIS is how you brighten up ANY workspace.

What cat socks work for your table and chair cover needs?

Yellow and Brown

Otakumode, $6.49

If I got these, do we think it would satisfy my desire to get a pet?

Gray and white

Otakumode, $6.49

These ones get my vote. They'd ~blend~ a little better/more subtly with the rest of my furniture.

All black

Otakumode, $6.49

For the noir ladies who wear black from head-to-toe and want to extend that motif.

Or is your answer, "My roommate is a dog person and would kill me if I ordered these"?

If so, fight the power.

Images: Otakumode(4)