Tavi Gevinson Wears Lip-Print Pants — 9 Other Options That Will Have You Giving Major Lip

The Style Rookie has done it again. Tavi Gevinson wore surreal lip print pants from Beth Hoeckel that are enviably cool. We all know she's been a fashion forward trend maker for years, first establishing a name for herself with a blog when she was just a little kid, but her style has certainly grown and evolved since then. Case in point: these stunning pants, which the writer and actress posted to her Instagram on Thursday.

Beth Hoeckel is an artist known for her collage work that fuses together disparate vintage pictures to create a surprisingly moving and emotive final image. Take those prints and put them on some pants and you've got something pretty show-stopping. Gevinson made it clear she's a huge fan of artist's work, photographing her trousers side-by-side with her Hoeckel-printed shower curtain. Several days ago, designer Samantha Pleet also posted a photo of the pint-size fashion phenom posing in one of her dresses in front of some of Hoeckel's prints, which hang in her apartment.

At this point, if you're officially obsessed with Gevinson's Dali-esque collaged trousers, join the club. My wardrobe suddenly seems dramatically dull compared to these slacks. So I've gathered together nine lip-print looks that will help you look like a true street style star.

1. Lollipop Lips

Au Jour Le Jour Lollipop Lips Print T-shirt , $91.25

2. Red Lip Classic

Etre Cecile Lip-Print Cotton Tee, $102

3. Lounge Pants

Markus Lupfer Smacker Lip Print Silk Jogging Pants, $205

4. Polka Dots And Lipstick

Edward Achour Paris Lips Print T-shirt, $69.52

5. Collared Shirt

Stand Collar Lips Print Shirt Dress, $14.33

6. Halter

Halter Lips Print Slim Dress ,$13.33

7. Full Circle Skirt

Lips Print Flare Skirt, $19.33

8. Avant Garde Jumpsuit

Spaghetti Strap Lip Print Jumpsuit, $16.33

9. Cartoon Chic

Red Lips Print Sport Pants, $12.58

Images: Courtesy Brands