Twitter Reacts To The New Fifty Shades Book

by Julia Seales

E.L. James recently released a new Fifty Shades of Grey book, Grey, written from Christian's perspective. The author announced that the book would be released on Christian Grey’s birthday, and just one day after her announcement, the book shot to No.1 on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s bestseller lists. And now that it has actually been released, people are freaking out — and they’re tweeting their reactions.

Some have been eagerly waiting to read the story from Christian Grey’s POV and have been praising the book for giving insight into the enigmatic character’s thought process, and they're sharing their perspective on Grey's perspective. Others never wanted to hear from the controversial Christian Grey in the first place, especially since he’s been continuously criticized for his emotionally and physically abusive behavior, and they’re just as vocal as the supporters of the series… if not more.

But whether you’re the biggest Fifty Shades fan ever, or resolutely opposed to the entire franchise, or you don’t really care at all, there’s a Twitter user who probably agrees with you. And in the end, no one could help laughing at the hilarious Twitter reactions to the release of Grey.

Some were big fans of the book and congratulated author E.L. James.

Some even asked to read more books in the series from Christian's perspective.

Others didn't enjoy the perspective so much. For what it's worth, I'm sure if Rowling were to write HP from Seamus' perspective, she'd find a way to make it amazing. Just saying.

...And others seemed to agree that a change in authorship might be what the series needs.

And some Twitter users just really, REALLY didn't appreciate the POV.

A lot of Fifty Shades fans are tweeting about how much they love Christian Grey, and want a significant other just like him.

Others weren't convinced that Grey really changed their views on the controversial character.

Seems there are a lot of things to critique about Grey's inner thoughts.

Some started suggesting casting changes for the films.

But for the most part, telling Fifty Shades from Christian Grey's perspective didn't seem to change a lot of people's opinions about him.

While a lot of fans read the new book as soon as they could get their hands on a copy, others found it too much for one sitting.

And a lot of the quotes were dissected and analyzed, such as one about how Ana smells like apples.

And this quote describing her physical appearance from Christian's perspective.

In the end, a lot of readers really loved the book, but a lot of readers were left less than satisfied.

But hey, you can always just read something else.