7 Reasons Bennett Should Return To Daya In Season 4 Of 'Orange Is The New Black'

If you were as devastated as I was by Bennett leaving Daya during Orange is the New Black Season 3, you might need a little time to get all of your feelings about it out. Look, I get it. Like with any breakup, you are probably feeling angry about the whole thing — I am too. But, if you explore that anger a bit more, you might realize that you're really more hurt than anything else, and you really want Bennett to return. Not only because you trusted him, and probably even kind of loved him, but also because he was the one guard at Litchfield you knew really respected the inmates — and the one man who was absolutely perfect for sweet, sweet Daya.

Though there are a lot of reasons their relationship needs work, this is true of all relationships — even the ones that are meant to be. As a diehard OITNB and diehard Bennett fan, I'm hoping that when he realizes what he has lost by leaving Daya, he'll come back to her just in the nick of time. If he returns, he'll have some serious making up to do, of course — but I think, given time and effort, he can successfully make it right by Daya. (Maybe by making her a crib from scratch or something, since he left hers on the side of the road?)

Once you really think about — even if you're super mad at Bennett right now — I know you will feel the same way. But, in case you still need some convincing, here’s a list of reasons why he should totally come back to Daya:

1. She Had His Baby. Duh.


Kind of a given, but this definitely bonds them for life. There’s no denying that. Also, you know he’s going to want to see the baby eventually. That fact alone might be the thing that brings him back to finally admit he was wrong so they can live happily ever after.

2. Running Away When Times Get Tough Is A Big Flaw That He Needs To Move Past


In the same episode where Bennett runs away, we see how he also deserted his fellow soldiers during the war. Who doesn’t want to see him overcome this and find happiness with Daya? Who doesn’t love a good personal triumph story?

3. They Really Loved Each Other


Responsibility is scary. I get it. But Bennett’s love for Daya is totally going to over come all — it just has to.

4. He’s My Last Hope


Seriously. After three seasons of men who are absolutely terrible and abusive toward the women on the show, Bennett was a diamond in the OITNB rough. He was a flawed guy, sure — but one who was so sweetly vulnerable with Daya. Don’t let me lose hope in all men on this show, Bennett!

5. Who Else Is Going to Take Care of Daya’s Baby?


NOT CESAR. ANYONE BUT CESAR. That said, Bennett would be a good choice.

6. Their Romantic Scenes Were The Sweetest


And it's fact that they ned more scenes like this in general. Plz.

7. Because I’m A Sucker For A Happy Ending


And you know deep down in your angry, Bennett-hating heart, you are too.

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